Reliable and precise delivery of recommendations via our agents, agronomists and logistics network is backed by our ability to apply the latest technology to our clients’ crops.


We focus on enhancing and developing sustainable agricultural solutions by means of advanced technology and science based on the promotion of biological farming practices.


Green solution in supplying products like water soluble fertilisers, soil conditioners, foliar feeds, bio-stimulants with a range of green crop protection insecticides and fungicides.


Radicle Group recognize that the needs of farmers in different geographical areas and with different crops are different and that their needs should be addressed differently.


Crop Systems (Pty) Ltd. is an information technology orientated company focusing on agriculture. We operate in the context of precision farming and supply integrated information technology solutions as well as agricultural risk management applications to agriculture and other peripherals. The technology and solutions offered by Crop Systems contributes to environmentally friendly management practices as well as accountable food production and resource management.

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Rhino AgriVantage supply agricultural growers of all sizes with real time and relevant advice to improve their yield and quality in a sustainable manner. Rhino AgriVantage use the latest technology to diagnose the problem and monitor the implementation of the plant nutrition plan. From soil and water conditioners and corrector products, to foliar fertilizers, deficiencies correctors chelates for foliar and soil applications, biostimulants of different phenological stages of crops, and our preventives line of plant health.

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Technifert is part of the Radicle Group of companies. The Radicle Group that strives to add value to agriculture in a sustainable way with a complete range of products and services, which includes high tech irrigation scheduling equipment as well as soil conditioners, foliar feeds and plant growth stimulants. The ability to formulate fertilizer products for specific applications on a prescription basis was identified.

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BioPro is a division of Rhino AgriVantage and a product developer and producer of non-­toxic, fully biodegradable and sustainable probiotic based chemical alternatives. BioPro is a South African leader in probiotic solutions for human health, home & garden, agriculture, livestock health, industrial and aquaculture applications. It is the only manufacturer with registrations in terms of Act 36 of 1947 for all these products.

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At BioControl we strive to give back to nature what we have taken out. We can make a huge difference to future farming making it more cost effective and sustainable. Eases the way to a real Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Do not wait before it is too late.

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Leap Electronics (Pty) Ltd. is a solution driven and technology based company. From weather stations and control systems to moisture sensors. We have it all. We are the proud supplier of all electronic sensors for Crop Systems.


The Radicle Group is applying an integrated approach of good science, better analysis and the best experts in the field to supply farmers with a complete solution.


  • Radicle Building 5 Waterblommetjie Street, Wellington Industrial Park, Wellington, 7654