Since its inception Crop Systems has grown from a dedicated value adding company for potato growers to offering a wide range of technology solutions to various clients within agriculture. Although our primary focus is the agricultural market, our technologies and applications are used in other sectors such as the turf market and municipalities.

Our products, which include all hardware, software and services, are provided as an integrated and affordable package.
This includes:

  • Crop Protection Systems and Services: An integrated package which includes micro climate/disease weather stations and weather forecasts, disease modelling as well as preventative and remedial crop protection recommendations based on real-time climatic measurement, modelling and forecasting;
  • Irrigation scheduling, covering intermittent soil moisture measurement, continuous soil moisture measurement and irrigation scheduling solutions for the turf market (golf courses, sports fields and schools); and
  • Telemetry and GSM based system monitoring.
  • Control of excessive algae growth in storage dams and reservoirs occurs as an result of eutrophication, the process whereby a water body is excessively enriched with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and organic carbon.
  • NDVI mapping system for early identification of plant stress areas,
  • Insect activity monitoring and recording software.

The current shift in the marketplace is indicative of the new trend in sustainable food production. The demand for accountability throughout the distribution chain, from primary input supplier to retailer, is increasing and in fact becoming a prerequisite for certain export markets. Crop Systems supplies integrated technology solutions for agriculture to do just that we offer technology which, if used correctly, assures the farmer of accountability.