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The Radicle Group is an agricultural business which differentiates itself by supplying an integrated cloud based agricultural advisory service, linked to crop nutrition, crop protection solutions and precision farming in South Africa and Southern Africa. The Group focus on enhancing and developing sustainable agricultural solutions by means of advanced technology and science based on the promotion of biological farming practices. The company’s objective is to assist growers in producing food which is not only nutritious but was produced on sustainable methods and cost efficient.

The Radicle Group is applying an integrated approach of good science, better analysis and the best experts in the field to supply farmers with a complete solution. Scientific based and sustainable farming practices result in higher profits for farmers over a longer period of time. Farming practices changed drastically over the last 100 years and even more so in the last 15 years where farmers is under increasing pressure to produce more on less land due to the world’s increasing demand for food. Producers and retailers are more sophisticated in their ways and larger in size than even three years ago.

These changes place more pressure on the need for sustainable practices without sacrificing profit margins and food security. This compels the agri community to look at more cost efficient and greener methods of farming with a trace-ability record on all products sold to the consumer. The Radicle Group differentiate itself from other similar companies by its client and solution focused approach. The Group recognize that the needs of farmers in different geographical areas and with different crops are different and that their needs should be addressed differently.

The demand for greener technology and trace-ability on products produced comes indirectly from the consumer and directly from customers the farmers. The Group’s existing client base is their greatest asset which have been built over many years and will be the strong base on which they will build sustainable profits. The interaction between the Group’s subsidiaries allows them to provide a complete farming solution.

The Group endeavour to set high standards in technology, as well as service delivery to the market and with the use of Intelligent Systems will provide a superior level of service to Radicle’s clients.