BioControl: The way to sustainable pest and disease control

Sustainable farming is the way of the future in South Africa. BioControl is here to facilitate the transition from traditional farming practices toward sustainable pest and disease control.

Using the principles of biological control and Integrated Pest Management, BioControl provides the means to continuous pest control by reviving what Mother Nature herself provided and strengthening the crop to provide better yield.

Biological control strengthens the natural population of beneficial organisms that are the natural enemies of agricultural pests. This in turn will keep pests and plant diseases at bay, without the expensive, harmful, and repetitive use of chemical pest control.

7 Reasons Why Smart Farmers are Managing Their Pests with BioControl

BioControl offers many advantages over traditional chemical control.

  1. Biological control methods is much less costly than chemical pest control methods.
  2. It is kind to the environment as it does not cause any type of pollution such as sediments or disturb the ecosystem in any other way.
  3. Biological control does not affect non-target organisms and is therefore safe to humans, earthworms, bees, ladybirds, frogs, fish, birds and animals. It only affects its specific target organisms.
  4. Biological control provides a long-term solution to insect pests and plant diseases, unlike chemical control that might work quickly but only provides a short-term solution.
  5. There is no significant problem of pests and diseases developing resistance toward biological control as it uses organisms that have been around for ages. Chemical control often fail as there is increasing resistance in the target organism.
  6. BioControl’s products enhance the root zone of the plant using micro-organisms, enabling the plant to form a strong and solid root system. This allows the plant to thrive in an environment of ever-increasing water shortages.
  7. BioControl works on the principle of Integrated Pest Management, which uses the farmer’s knowledge along with BioControl’s scientific expertise to manage pests and plant diseases. Chemical control is much more laborious and time-consuming with constant pest scouting, pesticide selection and other time-related issues.

BioControl offers natural pesticides as well as products that strengthen and protect plants against disease.

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