Here are a few effective crop solutions that are on offer at Radicle Group:

Weather station
This crop protection solution collects information such as the temperature and wind speed. The various sensors that are attached to the weather station collect this data and send it through to the data centre. This allows you to make the necessary changes to effectively protect your crops.

Terrasen station
The Terrasen station collects data regarding the volume of water found in the soil, at different depths. The temperature of the soil is also tested with this device. The information found by using this device will allow you to control your irrigation as to not drown your crops.

Pivot and pump monitoring
Pivot and pump monitoring checks that movement and water pressure in the soil do not deviate too much from the norm. This monitoring system is an effective crop protection solution because it alerts the farmer to deviations so that they can act quickly.

Receiver and relay station
This effective crop protection solution is essential for the data collection between the previously stated solutions. It collects and transfers data as necessary between systems that are too far apart. This battery-operated system is great for the protection of your data when there are power failures.