Water-soluble fertilizer gets its name from the fact that it is soluble. The soluble properties of these fertilizers allow it to be applied to the soil, as well as the leaves of the plants. You can control the amount of fertilizer required for each plant so it can be given to plants of all sizes, including seedlings.

If you follow the instructions on the water-soluble fertilizer properly, it is a safe product to use. If the water-soluble fertilizer is diluted appropriately it will not cause any harm to your plants. If the solution is too concentrated, it could burn the plants it is applied to.

Tested by professionals
All water-soluble fertilizers are tested in a lab by professionals before being packaged and delivered to customers. Scientists test that the water-soluble fertilizer has the correct concentration and that there is an equal amount of each substance so that there is no chemical imbalance.

Easy to apply
Water-soluble fertilizer can be applied by many means. It can be fed to the plants through a sprinkler system, via injection, or it can be dropped overhead by a plane. These easy methods of application make the fertilization process a lot easier.

Ideal for all plants
Water-soluble fertilizers can be applied to the roots and the leaves of the plant. The solubility of the fertilizer makes it the ideal choice for all plants, from greenhouse plants to fruit plants, as well as plants of all sizes.