Though sometimes confused with phytosanitary products, our fertilization solutions do not act in the same way; rather, they remain active throughout the plant’s life cycle, providing nourishment, compensating for deficiencies in the soil and fortifying the surrounding environment.

Crop nutrition acts upon three critical components for crop growth: soil, the soil life cycle and the crops themselves. All our product ranges are developed with this goal in mind:

Soil conditioners: enhance the natural fertility of the soil. These alkaline products affect the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Organic in nature, they improve its physical characteristics and enhance the surrounding microbiology.

Our fertilizers: contain all the nutritional elements that are necessary for crop growth. They are prized for their ability to offset the damage to the soil that occurs during the harvest cycle.

Foliar and root bio-stimulants: act to enhance plant function on a physiological level.

In this way, the Radicle Group is able to provide farmers with highly technical solutions, and is now making this expertise available to the wider public through its range of gardening products.