Appropriate timing is crucial when utilizing growth stimulants. Trying to force a plant out of dormancy is a mistake that can result in stunted spring growth, just the opposite of what you want. Wait for signs that the plant is ready to grow and has begun a growth cycle. At the end of winter, the swelling buds on woody stems are a signal that natural growth stimulants are stirring within the plant. Longer days and rising temperatures trigger the manufacture of plant hormones, a sure indication that the new growth will soon be underway. New plants you purchase through the spring and early summer benefit from growth stimulants.

Plant growth stimulants provide a key hormone or organic element that influences growth in a particular way. They are different from fertilizers you use to provide a supplemental meal for plants, although some stimulants may also contain plant nutrients. Stimulants can be applied to any kind of plant and have no toxic properties. If you use them for spring planting, be sure to follow the instructions and amounts recommended on commercial packages. You can also provide the same amounts of stimulants to established plants already in the ground.