Liquid calcium complex. 17,5% CAO + Organic acids (w/v). codasal plus 2000 is a liquid complex of calcium totally assimilated by the plant that allows to increase production from generation of fruits with more caliber, firmer and better quality and postharvest life. In terms of fruit it reduces the occurrence of physiological disorders and promotes the development of physical barriers that mitigate the vulnerability of crops to develop diseases. In soils, its high flocculant power improves the formation of aggregates and porosity, creating an optimal environment for root growth. In saline-sodic and sodic soils, it favours the exchange of Na+, for Ca2+, intensifying the leaching of Na+ and Cl–, thereby reducing the problems of salts stress on plant.

Available Sizes: *
  • 20L
  • 1000L

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